About Me

I am a young and very motivate musician with vast experience and knowledge in the field of music. I am open to different styles depending on what is the most suitable for the environment and audience.

  • j. Miguel Diaz


    I started with the piano at the age of seven years old at the Conservatoire of my home town in Spain. I went on to achieve a Graduate Title, before obtaining a Degree in Musicology, at Murcia Conservatoire. When I finished, I went on to study Jazz Guitar and Modern Harmony with Mr. FĂ©lix Santos Guindel (Cum Laude in Berklee), director of Superior School of Modern Music "Ateneo Jazz" in Madrid, where I gained in valuable skills and different perspective about how music works.

    I have played and recorded various instruments for singers, bands and orchestras. I have worked in studio environment and also performed live in different venues. Before coming to London, I played the guitar in a jazz band called Medicine Quartet, where I wrote original compositions and musical arrangements, as well as adapting different songs to the style of our band.

    I am currently working as a professional musician producing ambient music that is well suited to the atmosphere in which I perform. My repertoire consists of songs from classical music, jazz standards, film music as well as original compositions.

    Aside for working as a professional musician I continue to expand my musical knowledge by learning new instruments including bass guitar and harmonica. As well as this, I am gradually building a client base for teaching piano and guitar for all levels and ages.